How to Talk to Your Parents Workshop

How to Talk to Your Parents Workshop

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Are you raising your children differently than you were raised? Do you struggle to know how to talk to your parents about your different parenting choices? Does it feel like you're under the microscope at holiday gatherings and family get-togethers?

You're not alone in this struggle, and the good news is that most likely your parents' concerns and questions are born out of genuine care and love for your child. That doesn't necessarily make talking to them any easier, though.

How to Talk to Your Parents about Your Parenting brings two generations to this discussion: Jim and Lynne Jackson, co-founders of Connected Families,  and Dr. David and Amanda Erickson, co-founders of Flourishing Homes and Families for a one hour online Workshop that will bring clarity and confidence as you seek wisdom in honoring your parents and the parenting path that God has called you to. 



  • Help you cultivate understanding of your parents' perspective 
  • Empower you to dialogue with your parents with confidence and grace as you honor them while holding firm boundaries
  • Give you insight into the Connected Families framework, and how it might be applied to your relationship with your parents. 
  • Providing important perspectives from parents who've had hard conversations with their own parents.
✅ Flip the Script: What is it like to be your parents?
✅ The Connected Families Framework, and how you can use it with your parents
✅ How can we nurture relationships with parents who weren't safe for us as kids?
✅ Practical steps to cultivate a peaceful holiday.
✅ Full-color guidebook with resources from Flourishing Homes & Families and Connected Families.
✅ Workshop recording includes closed-captioning.