Peacemaker Parenting: Preschoolers

Peacemaker Parenting: Preschoolers

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From excitement and anticipation to meltdowns, we're talking all things preschoolers: lying, sharing (or not so much), separation anxiety, and so much more. Preschoolers experience life to the absolute fullest. They're learning, experimenting, finding their voice, and craving autonomy, and for parents, peace and harmony can seem like a distant dream. Or it would if you could manage to get enough sleep to dream, right?

What does it look like to cultivate peace in a home where tiny tornados leave their mark everywhere they go? Discover the transformative power of Peacemaker Parenting with our exclusive workshop focused on preschoolers. We'll guide you through refocusing your parenting with Jesus at the center, empower you with a better understanding of your child's developmental abilities and limitations, and equip you with practical peacemaking parenting tools that you can start using right away.

Part One: Parenting with Jesus, not your preschooler, the center
Learn how to embrace a parenting model rooted in the teachings of Jesus, nurturing love, understanding, and compassion. Dr. David Erickson will help you discover what it means to imitate Christ in your parenting, and to lead and guide your family with confidence, with faith and parenting seamlessly intertwined.

Part Two: Preschool development and learning to respond to the root, not the fruit, of behavior
Gain invaluable insights into preschool brain development. Understand how their little minds work, their unique emotional needs, and how you can foster healthy growth. Flourishing Homes & Families co-founder Amanda Erickson will simplify preschool development and help you start to look for the root (emotional, physical, and developmental needs) underneath the behavior rather than focusing on the fruit (the actual behavior). 

Part Three: Peacemaker Parenting in Practice
Knowledge without application is, in a word, frustrating! We've been there, and this workshop will save you that struggle by equipping you with practical tools and strategies to implement Peacemaker Parenting principles effectively. From positive discipline techniques to building strong parent-child connections, preschool mama Carissa Serrell will guide you step-by-step on your journey to becoming a peaceful parent.

Part Four: Uncover the Power of Group Coaching:
Join a supportive community of like-minded Christian parents, all dedicated to nurturing peaceful and gentle parenting approaches. Engage in insightful group coaching sessions, where you can share experiences, receive personalized guidance, and build lifelong connections with fellow parents on the same path.

Bonus: Full-Color Guidebook Included!
As a participant, you'll receive a comprehensive and beautifully designed guidebook, packed with practical tips, scripture references, and helpful resources. This guidebook will serve as your go-to companion, reinforcing your learning even after the webinar concludes.