Peacemaker Parenting when Parents Disagree

Peacemaker Parenting when Parents Disagree

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Peacemaker Parenting when Parents Don’t Agree


Join Dr. David and Amanda Erickson, parent coaches and co-founders of Flourishing Homes and Families for our next live online workshop: Peacemaker Parenting when Parents Disagree. (While this workshop is designed to be attended by both spouses, it can be attended individually as well.)

Part One: Finding Common Ground
Embark on a journey to find harmony and unity in your parenting. Explore shared parenting goals and core family values. Learn how to bridge gaps and find common purpose, fostering a flourishing home.

Part Two: Communicate with Compassion and Respect:
Equip yourself with tools based on Marshall J. Rosenberg’s "Non-violent Communication" to engage in respectful discussions on challenging topics. Dr. David and Amanda Erickson will guide you on creating a communication bridge that strengthens understanding and connection.

Part Three: Navigating Differences
In the final section, Dr. David and Amanda will help you discover how to handle conflicting views on discipline and child raising. Gain insights on what to do when your non-negotiables clash, fostering an environment where love and understanding prevail.

Part Four: Group Parent Coaching
At the conclusion of this workshop Dr. David and Amanda will open the group to Q&A where you have the opportunity to participate in group coaching. 

Cost: We believe in making this invaluable wisdom accessible to all parents. For just $10, you can embark on a journey towards harmonious and peacemaking parenting.